Great work 14th July 2020

Year 8 pupils were tasked with creating a stone sculpture for Whitehaven Harbour. This excellent model by Isabelle Ritson shows us how important Whitehaven used to be in the tobacco and rum trade. Outstanding work Isabelle, Mr Stewart. This week, Year 7 pupils have been learning about Acids and Alkali’s. Isaac Walkingshaw has made indicators…

Learning Festival – Monday

MONDAY’S CHALLENGES Here are the challenges for today: To access the Escape Room this week you need to click on this link:…/game-breakout-big-competition To register for the UDance activities for later this week visit:

Final Student of the Week 2019/2020

Our final Student of the Week winners and nominations for 2019/2020, are as follows: Year 7 The winner is Sophie McKee.  Nominated by Miss Skillen for a fantastic advertisement poster for Bugsy Malone with an interesting cast list in Performing Arts and Mrs Parslow for completing every set task this week in Maths. Nominated are… Myles Cable James…

CET mile complete!

Mr Smith has completed his mile. How and when will you do yours? #CETrunamile Mrs Clooney has completed her mile #runamile The students in the hub today, completed a mile with Mrs Ryden, Mrs Lewis and Sparkles the Unicorn 🦄! #runamile