We will be offering a support service to students who are unable to access their school resources. We will be able to help with login issues for Office365 & VLE, as well as guidance on how to download Office365.  For support, please email studentitsupport@cumbriaeducationtrust.org and a technician will contact you as soon as we can. Please provide as much information as you can in your email, including login name, and include screenshots if possible. Do not include your password.

Please bear in mind we will be prioritising helpdesk requests, and cannot offer support for issues with home computers.

We will also need to validate your identity before we can reset passwords.


CET Secondary students are entitled to a copy of Microsoft Office365 for use on their home computers, tablets and phones.

Instructions on how to access and install the software can be found here:-


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Thank you!

Dear Students, Parents and Carers, As Headteacher, I have been constantly inspired by the brilliant approach and true resolve of our students. Similarly, I have learnt a great deal from the invaluable feedback from parents and carers. It is now the start of half term and I hope you will join me in also thanking our…


Amazing work 22nd May 2020

Mrs Coleman has been amazed by the standard of work sent in by Year 7 this week. They have been studying Medieval Monarchs for the past five weeks in History, and their final task was to create a set of Top Trumps cards based on what they have learnt. Absolutely amazing work Year 7 –…


Student of the Week 22nd May 2020

This week’s Student of the Week winners and nominations are as follows: Year 7 The winner is Jack Agnew.  Nominated by Mrs Rothery for excellent work in Food Technology, Mrs Parslow for completing all of the work set in Maths this week and Mrs Dawson for working hard all half term and producing some excellent work each week…