Examination 2018-2019 Information

Key Stage 4 Mock Exam Information

Year 11 Monday 25th February – Friday 8th March 2019

Year 10 Monday 11th – Friday 23rd March 2019

Summer Series 2019

The final exams of the year will run from Monday 13th May – Wednesday 26th June 2019. The last date of your exams depends on what options you have chosen, others in your year may finish much sooner than you, it is your responsibility to check your exam timetable closely, this shows details of dates, seat number and venue of each exam.

However, exam boards state that candidates must remain available until Wednesday 26th June 2019, so all holiday arrangements must be made after this date.

Outside of these dates there may also be some “on demand” exams which run at ad hock times.

See attached link to the JCQ website and link to our examinations booklet:


The Whitehaven Academy Exam Booklet 2018-2019

Skeleton Summer Timetable: