Dove self-esteem project

We would like to share a resource created by Dove, for parents and carers. This resource will give you tools to teach your children about self-esteem, whilst at home. The resource is made up of a series of articles covering key topics that affect self-esteem. Each article starts out with an introduction to a theme…

Kooth Resources

Kooth are excited to share another resource from their ‘Struggling at Christmas’ series. The series covers different aspects that young people may struggle with over the seasonal period. Last week they shared a resource on dealing with loss at Christmas, talking about ways to normalise the experience of grief over the holidays. The next resource…

Brilliant Schools initiative

This morning, The Decommissioning Alliance (TDA) had a fantastic conversation with Dr Andy Cope, founder of Art of Brilliance, surrounding their new ‘Brilliant Schools’ initiative. Members of the Decommissioning Delivery Partnership (DDP) framework, including TDA, ADAPT, Orano and also community support group Well Whitehaven, have decided to sponsor the initiative, which seeks to instil positivity,…

Food Bank Donations

We are asking you to pull together to donate acceptable food items for those who need it. The items of food will be donated to a food bank, just in time for Christmas. Can you help put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas?  

Futures Week – Thursday’s events

Here is the timetable of events for Futures Week, please find below the links to follow for Thursday’s events: WCSF Sport & Applied Science: System People: WCSF Art, Design Technology and Performing Arts: WCSF Engineering:

Futures Week – Wednesday’s events

Here is the timetable of events for Futures Week, please find below the links to follow for Wednesday’s events: Lakes College: WCSF Languages and Geography: WCSF Children’s Play, Learning and Development and Health and Social Care: WCSF IT, Media, Computing and Business:

Great work in Science

Our Year 7 Science Challenge saw our pupils making a ‘Particle Model’ using spherical objects. Mason Sinkinson has used polystyrene balls to demonstrate how particles change state from solid to liquid to gas. Excellent work Mason! Mr Stewart An entry to our Year 7 Science challenge on ‘making your own particle model’, Alfie Hodgson has…