Code of Conduct: Choice System
Sanctions will be issued for the following infringements:

C1 Infringements

Chewing gum
Possession or consumption of energy/sugary drinks
Failing to wear uniform correctly and ignoring requests to do so from a member of staff
Disrupting own and other students’ learning (involvement in low level disruption)
Failing to use a mobile phone appropriately
Failing/refusal to complete work
Writing graffiti on a workbook or school property
Being late to the lesson without a satisfactory reason
Failing to have the correct equipment for the lesson.
Refusal to follow instructions from staff
Failing to respect other people’s property or personal space

For C1 infringements, a verbal warning will be issued to students in the first instance so that individuals have the choice to rectify the behaviour. If the student does not rectify their behaviour choice after a warning, a C1 will be issued.

ACTION: Recorded on individual profile, name written on board

C2 Infringements

Persistent and open defiance of instruction despite warnings and the issue of a C1.
Using inappropriate language in lesson time or around the site
ACTION: Recorded on individual profile, seat movement and class teacher break time detention. Restorative practice to take place if needed

C3 Infringements

Persistent and open defiance of instruction despite warnings and the issue of a C1 and C2
Leaving the classroom without permission.
Intentionally damaging another student’s work or assignment.
Walking away from an adult without permission (in defiance).
Truancy (time to be made up in Study Session)
Health and Safety breach
Misuse of ICT network
ACTION: Recorded on individual profile, 30 minute after school departmental/faculty detention, student moved to a different room (if directed)

C4 Infringements

Removal from lessons due to persistent and open defiance of instruction despite warnings and the issue of a C1 C2, and C3
Gambling or selling items on the Academy premises
Damaging school property (including theft). Please note that you will be charged for any damaged items.
Viewing racially or sexually offensive material on the internet on school site or in the local vicinity.
ACTION: Recorded on individual profile, SLT / Head of Year intervention and after school detention with Head of Year for 45 minutes.

C5 Infringements

Bringing the Academy into disrepute.
Knowingly bringing a “trespasser” onto the premises
Making racist, homophobic or other offensive comments.
Physical Altercation on the school premises or in the local vicinity.
Smoking on or around the Academy premises
Bullying (classed as persistent intimidation over time)
Offensive language directly used towards staff
Significant breach of the Health and Safety Policy
Intentionally setting off the fire alarm system outside of a genuine emergency.
Bringing offensive or dangerous weapons to school (including razor or sharpener blades)
Serious actual or threatened violence or profound verbal abuse against another student or member of staff.
Sexual abuse or assault.
Possession, use or supply of any of the banned items listed below
ACTION: Recorded on individual profile, SLT detention for 1 hour or this behaviour may also result in a fixed term exclusion.

This list is not exhaustive, therefore the Academy maintains the right to add items to the categories.

Please note that three fixed term exclusions or serious breaches of the behaviour policy can lead to a managed move to another school, alternative provision or, in serious cases, permanent exclusion from the Academy.

Banned items

The following items are not permitted on the school site: stink-bombs, lighters, cigarettes, laser pens, electronic cigarettes, fireworks, illegal drugs, solvents, knives, blades, pointed items, alcohol and guns (including plastic toys or replicas). This list is not exhaustive and the school maintains the right to confiscate any item considered dangerous, offensive, inappropriate or that may compromise safety.

Students found in possession of ‘banned’ items will have them confiscated and may be excluded from school.

In relation to dangerous items, it is likely the Academy will involve the Police. The Academy has the authority to ‘dispose’ of banned items.


Persistent lateness to the Academy will escalate to an after-school detention and could be further escalated to a fixed penalty notice. Detentions will be issued for C3 infringements; students will attend the detention for 30 minutes on a Monday evening. Refusal to attend, or multiple C3s in a week means this will be escalated to a Student Provision Officer detention for 45 minutes on a Wednesday. Detentions for C4 infringements will also take place at the same time. Refusal to attend a C4 detention, or having multiple C4s in a week, will result in a C5 detention with SLT for an hour on a Friday. Further refusal will lead to a day in Internal Exclusion.

The ‘Buddy’ system

Should students make the incorrect behaviour choices, it may be necessary to remove them from the class to ensure the learning of other students is not affected. Students who have been removed from lesson, will be placed into the buddy system and attend lessons that are not with their peers. Failure to attend these buddy lessons, will result in students being sent to Internal Exclusion or placed on after school detention.

Internal Exclusion

This is used as an alternative to a fixed term exclusion when all other appropriate sanctions have been exhausted. Students sit in cubicles to ensure isolation from their peers and other students.