We strongly believe that school uniform gives our pupils a sense of identity and of belonging to the academy. It helps to ensure that no student feels disadvantaged in terms of appearance, removes the need to keep up with constantly changing and expensive fashion trends, and instils a sense of pride.

For further information about our school uniform and general appearance guidelines, please read our uniform policy.


Compulsory through school supplier:

  • Grey jacket with trim
  • Tie

Compulsory from any retailer:

  • Plain white shirt
  • Black A-line skirt or black tailored trousers with waistband (not canvas, jeans, chinos or tracksuit)
  • Black or natural tights or black or white socks
  • Black sensible shoes


  • Plain black V-neck jumper (from school supplier only)

Compulsory through school supplier:

  • Navy and sky polo shirt
  • Navy and sky fleece for outdoor sports (girls)
  • Navy and sky reversible rugby shirt (boys)
  • Navy and sky sports socks

Compulsory from any retailer:

  • Plain black tracksuit trousers or plain black shorts or skort (no logos)
  • Black or white trainers
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield


  • Navy track pants/shorts/skort (from school supplier only)

The dress code:

  • Dark tailored suit or jacket
  • Dark tailored trousers or skirt or dress
  • Collared shirt and tie (males); blouse or plain top (females)
  • Jewellery, makeup, hairstyle and colour in moderation (no exposed body piercing apart from earrings in moderation)

It will not include:

  • Sportswear, denim, logos, trainers
  • Ripped or badly worn jeans
  • Skirts and dresses shorter than knee length
  • Football tops, rugby shirts or sports tops
  • T-shirts or tops which are too revealing
  • Flip flops or beach type footwear
  • See-through, low-cut, shortcut or cropped tops
  • Luminous colours or with accentuated or inappropriate logos/wording
  • Extremes of hairstyle or jewellery
  • Tracksuit bottoms

6th Form students set the standards which aspiring learners in lower year groups will follow. The Academy reserves the right to send home a student who is inappropriately dressed.

Ordering your uniform

If you need to order or replace uniform items please purchase these online through our supplier direct at  http://www.swidtp.co.uk/

Click here for The Whitehaven Academy Uniform Order Form 2018

Click here for Uniform ordering guide

Frequently Asked Questions

The Whitehaven Academy’s new uniform was introduced on 22nd April 2014.

Students must wear the academy jacket, white shirt, academy tie, black trousers/A-line skirts and white or black socks with black shoes. The sports kit consists of a navy and sky polo shirt plus either shorts/tracksuit trouser/skort which may be in plain black or matching navy and sky. If you choose the navy and sky option, you must purchase this through SWI. From September 2014, pupils must also wear coloured sports socks which match the kit and are available directly through the school only. Trainers should be plain black or white only.

The black v neck jumper is an optional item which is only available through our supplier, SWI.

Yes, the uniform is fully machine washable at 40 degrees.

Unfortunately, the jacket cannot be tumble dried, but once washed it dries very quickly on a hanger.