Office 365 and Satchel: One

Microsoft Office 365

Includes: Teams, Outlook (emails), OneNote.

Satchel One

Click on the link above and then choose the link as below:

Other School and Subject Links

Password and Log-in Help

Please see the ‘Other School and Subject Links’ section above for how to guides.  Below are some extra help ideas on how to reset passwords and log in.

Programme/ Issue How to get help/ change passwords
Forgotten password Your Office 365 password is the same as your school login password

To reset your password email

Office 365 Click on the Office 365 link at the top of the page

Sign in with your school email eg:

Your password is the same as your school log in

Satchel: One Go to the Satchel: One link at the top of the page.  Sign in with Office365 as shown below:

Kerboodle On the Kerboodle homepage, click Trouble logging in? Enter your email address and click Reset password.
Seneca Seneca learning – forgotten password
Hegarty maths Go to the Hegarty website and say you have forgotten password. Email your maths teacher to say you have done this.

School Links and Wi-Fi Information

School Wi-Fi instructions How to link to BOYD Wi-Fi
Windows Laptop / Surface BYOD-WindowsLaptop
Android BYOD-Android
 Apple – iOS BYOD-iOS