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Year 6 Days 2023

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Meet the Year 6 -7 Transition Team

Mrs Fiona Brown

Student Provision Officer: Years 7 & 8

Mrs Fiona Ryden

Deputy Director of Learning: Year 7

Mr Laurie Black

Associate SLT

Director of Learning: Lower School

Mrs Marie McMurdo

Assistant Headteacher: SENCO

Naomi Corlett

Mrs Naomi Corlett


Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will my child need?

  • Planner – provided by the school
  • Do now book – provided by the school
  • Reading book  – available in school or brought from home
  • Pencil case containing:
  • 2 x black pens;
  • 2 x pencils;
  • 1 x green pen;
  • 1 x rubber;
  • 1 x 30 cm ruler;
  • 1 x scientific calculator (Recommended: CASIO FX-83GTX & FX-85GTX);
  • 1 x glue stick.

Where can I buy uniform?

Uniform can be purchased online through our supplier at

Click here for the Parent guide

Click here for the Measuring guide

What uniform will my child need?

Daily Uniform

  • White Shirt
  • Black Trousers or Skirt (skirt no shorter than 2 inches above the knee)
  • Grey Blazer with blue trim (from our supplier)
  • Optional Grey Jumper with blue trim (from our supplier)
  • Orange Tie with navy and silver stripes (from our supplier)
  • Black School Shoes (no trainers, pumps, Converse)

PE Kit:

  • Blue T-Shirt (from our supplier)
  • Blue Shorts (from our supplier)
  • Optional Hoodie for Boys and Girls (from our supplier)
  • Girls can wear black leggings
  • Boys can wear black joggers
  • Black/White Trainers

How does my child buy food or drinks while at school?

Food and drinks can be purchased in our canteen at break and lunchtimes. Students are also able to bring a packed lunch to school. We strongly encourage all students to bring a bottle of water with them that can be re-filled throughout the day.  We also encourage healthy choices for packed lunches and snacks.  Energy drinks and fizzy drinks are not allowed.

The Whitehaven Academy operates a cashless catering system which uses a biometric system for secure access. Students will have a scan of either their finger or thumb and the image is translated into a mathematical algorithm. The finger image is not stored, only the numbers, so that it cannot be used by another source for identification.

You can find the link to Parent Pay link here

Who provides the school meals?

Our school catering suppliers is Mellors.  You can view the family information pack below

How can I see how my child is doing at school?

Currently we are using a software called Satchel:one  to allow parents and students to keep up with homework.  Satchel:one is a simple online homework calendar your child can use to keep up to date and on top of all their homework.

Your child will also be issued with a planner. Each week your son/ daughter will collect signatures/ stamps in their planner from their subject teachers and form tutor for form time bingo.

Can I use my mobile phone at school?

The Whitehaven Academy operates a no mobile phone policy. Students can bring a mobile phone to school providing that it is switched off and kept in the student’s school bag from the moment of entering the school building and until leaving at the end of the day.  If a student is found to be using a phone or it is visible to staff it will be confiscated until the end of the school day.

How will I be supported at school?

At The Whitehaven Academy we have a dedicated pastoral team.  Your child’s form tutor is the key person for your child to speak to if they have any issues and they are contactable by email or via the Satchel:one app.  Your child will also be supported by our dedicated Learning Provision Team which includes: Directors of Learning, Deputy Directors of Learning, Student Provisions Officers and Student Engagement Officers.

What extracurricular opportunities are available?

At The Whitehaven Academy we are very lucky to be able to offer a wide range of extracurricular opportunities for a range of ages, abilities and interests.  Please check out our extracurricular link at the bottom of the page, showing our current timetable.

Other Useful Links

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