At The Whitehaven Academy, we understand that making the transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for both you and your child. We believe that the key to immediate success at secondary school is having a positive and supportive transition. We pride ourselves in delivering a well-structured transition programme to help make the move from Primary school to Secondary school a great success. Parents and Year 7 students tell us that it works really well, although we are always aiming to make it even better!

As your child moves into Year 6 you will be invited to attend our Year 6 Open Evening. This event is held in September every year and gives both parents and students a chance to see the whole school in one evening. There are a huge range of interactive activities on offer along with a speech from the Headteacher, Mr Youngman, giving an overview of the school. Mr Youngman also encourages parents and students to arrange a personal tour of the school on a normal working day so that you can see how our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience underpin everything we do here at The Whitehaven Academy.



By the end of October your family will have decided about which secondary school you would like your child to attend and we hope that it will be the start of a great partnership with The Whitehaven Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transition Programme:

A ‘Team Approach’ is at the heart of everything that we do at The Whitehaven Academy and we strongly believe that by working in collaboration with students, parents and primary school staff, we can ensure that any anxiety, concerns or difficulties around the transition to secondary school can be minimised.

This is what you can expect from The Whitehaven Academy:

At the beginning of March, whilst your child is in Year 6, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ letter confirming your child’s place at The Whitehaven Academy.

During April/May

Year 6 Students

  • Your child will receive a visit in their primary school from their new Student Provision Officer (SPO), and current TWA students, to deliver information, run a session on FAQ and reassure students about transition. This will most likely be an virtual (online) visit due to current restrictions
  • We also offer bespoke and extended transition programmes for students who require further support in making the step from primary to secondary school.
  • Key information sharing will occur between primary schools and The Whitehaven Academy to ensure your child is appropriately supported when they join us in September.
  • A big transition event is your child’s ‘Taster Day’ on Wednesday 7th July 2021. Students will try some “taster” lessons with members of their new form, spend time with their new form tutors  and Year 8 buddies, as well as meeting other members of staff.


  • Parents and Carers can view our ‘Parent Information Booklet’ on our webpage which includes all the information you will need to ensure your child is fully prepared for the new start in September.
  • Parents and students will receive invitations to further transition sessions including Virtual Coffee and chat sessions and a Parents evening on the evening of the ‘Taster Day’ Wednesday 7th July 2021.
  • ‘Admissions and Permissions Forms’ to be completed online by Thursday 1st April 2021 (please see bottom of this page). This ensures we have your most up-to-date contact details, your child’s medical and dietary needs as well as permissions for biometric fingerprint scan, trips and school photographs

Most invitations to events mentioned above will be sent via your child’s current primary school and your email address, if you complete the admissions form. If you do not receive information or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us on

Be assured that your child’s future is in good hands at The Whitehaven Academy – with our broad and balanced curriculum, challenging and engaging all abilities, a high level of dedicated pastoral support designed to nurture your child every step of the way and an exciting range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities intended to give your child a wide range of valuable experiences in and out of the classroom.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and working with you to ensure the best for your son or daughter.

Our Transition Team

Mrs Fiona Brown – Student Provision Officer – Year 7

Mrs Laura Gaston – Director of Learning

Miss Abigail Skillen – Deputy Director of Learning

Mrs Naomi Corlett – Administrator

Mrs Jos Cole – Assistant Headteacher and Special Education Needs Coordinator

Our experienced Transition Team will oversee your transition from primary school to The Whitehaven Academy. We will liaise closely with parents, students and primary school staff to ensure that you get off to the best possible start at The Whitehaven Academy.

Mrs Brown is responsible for overseeing your pastoral care at The Whitehaven Academy and will deal with any emotional or social concerns that you may have, as well as overseeing your attendance, behaviour and well-being. Mrs Brown is always on hand to discuss any concerns or worries that students or parents may have and will do everything possible to ensure that your time at The Whitehaven Academy is happy and enjoyable!

We also welcome to the team this year Mrs Laura Gaston, Director of Learning and Miss Abigail Skillen, Deputy Director of Learning for Key Stage 3.

Once at The Whitehaven Academy, Mrs Gaston and Miss Skillen will oversee your academic progress and development in a range of areas and will ensure that you have every opportunity in and out of lessons to achieve your academic and personal potential.

Together, Mrs Gaston, Miss Skillen and Mrs Brown lead a dedicated and experienced team of Year 7 Tutors who will support both students and parents to ensure that you have every opportunity to become the best that you can be!


Mrs Jos Cole – Assistant Headteacher and Special Education Needs Coordinator – will ensure that any necessary support and provision for children with additional SEND or PHYS-MED needs are in place prior to starting at The Whitehaven Academy and will work closely with students and parents to make sure that appropriate provision is sustained throughout their time at The Whitehaven Academy.

Year 7 Tutors

Year 7 Tutors

Here are some short videos from the Year 7 Form Tutors for September 2020:

Online Admissions and Permissions Forms: These provide us with your emergency contact details, your child’s medical needs and permissions for such things as photos and fingerprints. Please ensure you enter your email address to enable our Transition Team to send you future information. Please complete these online by Thursday 1st April 2021. To access the forms please click the link below.

Admission Form:-

The Whitehaven Academy Admissions Form Year 7 2021

Permission Form:-

The Whitehaven Academy Permissions Form Year 7 2021

Getting to know you questionnaire: We use this information to help create your child’s Form Group, ensuring they are with some of their current friends. Please can you ask your child to complete the link below:-

The Whitehaven Academy Getting to Know You Transition Questionnaire 2021

Please also keep an eye on our Academy social media pages and website, which contain lots of information about our Academy. These are currently being updated regularly with student achievements and successes, examples of work produced and rewards that are still happening at the Academy, despite the closure;

If we can be of any further assistance with the completion of any of these forms, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Brown at or