The importance of being involved in your child’s career choices cannot be overstated. Setting aspirational yet achievable goals and encouraging them towards reaching them is one of the key roles of a parent or carer. One wise person once said that a parent or carer’s main roles were two-fold: “Give them roots, then give them wings.” Hopefully, with good careers advice from parents, carers, other significant adults, teachers and Careers professionals as well as from various internet sources, your child will have a good idea of how high to fly and where to.

CASCAID have produced an eBook to help parents get involved and encourage their children in finding their future careers. This guide is designed to provide an overview of how parents can help support their son or daughter with these important choices. 

This eBook includes information on:

  • How parents can help with Careers Education
  • Frequently Asked Questions from Parents
  • How CASCAID can help.

Cascaid Parents Guide eBook

Careers Adviser
If you would like to make an appointment to meet with a trained Careers Adviser to discuss what options are available for your son or daughter, please contact or on 01946 595400 to arrange a meeting.