Who are we?
Friends of The Whitehaven Academy are a group of parents, community members, teachers and students who want to improve the experience and wellbeing of students at The Whitehaven Academy.

Our Aims
The aim of the group is to work with the Headteacher, staff and students to:-
• Enhance and promote the education and wellbeing of the students by providing, or supporting the provision of, opportunities, facilities and resources.
• Promote positive, close co-operation and communication between parents and staff.
• Provide activities and events to secure funding and other resources to support and enhance academy activities.
• Consider suggestions from staff, parents and students as to how funds should be spent and authorise expenditure.

How we support The Whitehaven Academy
We wish to help provide funding for academy activities and improvements, resources, time to make improvements or assist the students.

How much commitment do volunteers have to give?
Volunteers are needed to assist with fundraising events, and to help with improvements around the academy.

Where and how often we meet
Meetings are held at least once a term. Dates and times are publicised through the academy website.

How we communicate with each other as a group
Meetings and events are publicised through the academy web site. Minutes of Action Group meetings are emailed to all attendees.

Future projects/goals
Our main goal is to involve the local community as much as possible to ensure the students are realising their full potential at the academy.

Who can get involved?
Any parent, community member, teacher or student can attend the meetings.