Cook Along Week 1

ALERT!!! Exciting cooking opportunity !!!!!! COOK ALONG week 1. This week sees the launch of the Cook Along sessions in food. This week Mrs Miller is leading the way with a product linked to the Holocaust Memorial Day this week on Wednesday 27th January. Pick up your apron and follow this challah recipe. It is…


MyTime Cumbria

MyTime are offering free sessions to parents which focus on how to support young people with their mental health during the pandemic. Please see the flyer below on how to sign up to these excellent sessions.

Wellbeing Wednesday

This week we are going to look at anxiety, but first lets just have a brief moment, to highlight that MENTAL HEALTH is EVERYONE’S business. We all have times when we feel stressed, sad, worried or frightened, and most of the time those feelings pass. But sometimes they can develop into a more serious problem…


Student Work

A painting done by Jacob (9NMG) over the Christmas Period. It represents some of his thoughts surrounding mental health. The left eye (hand behind bars) represents your mind trying to break free. The colourful right eye is how you want to be seen by others. The mouth is zipped to represent how you are sometimes…


Young Health Champion

Are you aged between 14 and 25 with an interest in health and wellbeing then the Level 2 Award for Young Health Champions (YHC) is the qualification for you. As a Young Health Champion you will be providing support to develop healthier lifestyles at your school, college or workplace and will have the opportunity to…