Year 7 Solar System Update

Y7 are studying the Solar System in Science. As part of their work, they were tasked to write about an exoplanet that they have discovered. They were asked to describe characteristics of the planet being similar to Earth. These are just some of the outstanding work they have produced. Great work, Mr Gillson   As…


Generation Green

Over the past few weeks, students have been on residentials with Generation Green and the West Cumbria Rivers Trust where they embraced the eco-positive sides! An amazing group of caring students went last and were commended on their excellence!

Year 7’s Solar Systems

As part of their continuing work on the Solar System, Year 7 students were challenged to design the Solar System using whatever is around the house. Some students decided to show off their excellent artistic flair, whilst others took the idea of items around their home to the max. I am sure you will agree,…


Summer exams 2021certificate collection

The Summer 2021 Exam Certificates are available for collection from the Main Reception, between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, during term time. If you are unable to collect certificates yourself, you can send a representative who must have written permission from yourself and accompanying ID.   You must follow the current government guidelines when collecting certificates;  do not come to the Academy if you are…


Year 10 Tullie House Visit

Last week our Year 10 Art students visited the New Light Art Prize at Tullie House Carlisle, an exhibition highlighting the best of northern drawing, painting and print. The students chose three works to research, sketching and making notes in the gallery. They also had the opportunity to vote for the Peoples Award for their…


Year 7 Solar System Continues

Year 7 continue to work on space and the universe and as part of that work, they have been challenged to complete a model of the Solar System using what they have around the home. As you can see from these fantastic models, Keira, Holly, Isla, and Jack have done fantastic work. I love these…


Exploring the solar system

Year 7 have been exploring the Solar System. They have recently been challenged to design a model using anything lying at home. Planets needed to be to scale of the student’s choice. As you can see, two students have already risen to the challenge and have produced these amazing pieces of work. Beau and Ruby,…