January – February 2021 Remote Learning / News Newsletter

2021 Lockdown has shown The Whitehaven Academy students shine. This newsletter attempts to capture a small flavour of some of their wonderful efforts from across the years and different classes. Students and staff should be proud of what they are achieving. With staff available every lesson, and classes exploring different ways to learn remotely, it is a time of innovation and challenge. A challenge that students are rising to with creativity and determination.

Our new Home Learning Heroes is just another way of trying to recognise some of that success. Trophies are delivered each week in a socially distanced way,. Thank you to parents, carers and staff for your encouragement of all of our students. Thanks also go to students for supporting and encouraging each other with learning. Talking through learning helps. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of their successes.

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A celebration video of student participation over the past couple of weeks.