Science booster session

A group of Year 10 students attended a Science booster session at Workington Academy on Thursday 20th June. Students had a great time in 3 different lessons; investigating Ohms law in different electrical components in Physics, carrying out a heart dissection in Biology, and investigating neutralisation of acids in a titration experiment in Chemistry. Feedback…

National Online Safety

A great resource to use courtesy of NOS:   It can feel like an uphill challenge to keep children away from harmful content on the internet, so this week we’re issuing a free home internet controls guide for parents and carers.   Download your free guide here: …   #OnlineSafety #NOS  

The Colourful North competition

Last term, students were given the opportunity to enter The Colourful North competition to submit a design that would be incorporated into a mural to be painted on the exterior of one of the buildings. The judging panel met last week to select designs that would work together and become a wonderful piece of street…

Mock Exam results

Excellent morning today with our Year 11 students, finding out their mock exam results and reflecting on how to carry on with the momentum to get the best grades possible for themselves. Plus, another set of rewards vouchers given out to students who have attended 10 after school sessions. Hard work pays!

Social Media

Parents should be warned about a new social media “game” called Momo that is being used by hackers to harvest information from children on Whatsapp. Once the child has added the contact, they are sent unsuitable graphic images and issued potentially harmful ‘dares’ relating to violence and suicide. Please speak with your child about these…